Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top 10 Posts

On this New Year’s Eve I write my 101st post and since New Years is in general a time for looking back, and because this is a milestone of sorts for me, I thought I’d take a look back at my 10 favourite posts. I’ll start with the oldest and work my way up towards the most recent and perhaps we’ll get a few laughs along the way as we recall my brilliant writing.

January 30th, 2010 – The Room
I would be much remiss if I didn’t begin with the first post I ever wrote which I believe still holds up to this day. It was a fun and funny way to review of a movie that I don’t think can be critiqued in any conventional manner. Interestingly enough, I think it remains the longest post I ever wrote, though Honk Kong Story may be longer.

March 13th, 2010 – Ms New Booty
I kind of feel bad about extensively making fun of some woman on the internet I’ve never met, but it was pretty funny. In some small way she changed my outlook on the world. I spent quite some time on her videos and my friends and I still have plenty of inside jokes relating to it, but when I all was said and done I realized that I was sick of watching people fail at being talented. It is for this reason that I have not seen the entirety of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and I am grateful. Also, sadly the link provided in the post no longer works, and I’m too lazy to find a new one. That’s probably for the best actually.

April 13th, 2010 – An Average Day in Maple Ridge
I’ve written many fictionalized stories about my friends, but this one stands out as the funniest and most entertaining. Even though clearly none of my friends behave so ridiculously in real life and my hometown isn’t quite as bad as I make it out to be, there is still a kernel of truth to the story which is makes it that much more enjoyable.

June 24th, 2010 – How to Be a Geek
It’s very difficult to categorize what makes a geek, and in some way I think everybody is geeky, but I think this post did a good job of outlining what makes the geekiest geek possible. It was great fun to conceive and to write, and I think makes for a pleasant read. Looking back, I’m proud to see that I have increased my geek status since I last played it as I have now gotten into D&D, dressed up as the Sniper in public, and expanded my knowledge on comic books. Still need to fulfill my manga quota however.

September 23rd, 2010 – Why Transformers is a Terrible Movie
For a blog that was originally created with the intention of exclusively writing movie reviews, I don’t really talk about movies all that often. Of the handful that I have done, this one turned out the best I think. I believe it accomplishes what it sets out to do in the title (demonstrate why Transformers sucks) and does so in a way that makes for an interesting read while looking at the bigger picture of growing trends in Hollywood.

October 18th, 2010 – The Playstation Move
Fiddling around with the Playstation Move was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever done. Even though the Move is clearly a gimmick, I still regard that day as quality time spent with friends. Looking back on it and re-reading this post still makes me giggle as I picture that penis plane in my head with that dreadful little creature riding it. Although I hope to never have to suffer through the Move ever again, I still remember this fondly.

November 23rd, 2010 – Rules I Live By
Every now and then I do a post about myself which is normally ends up being either self-deprecating or self-aggrandizing and never a very accurate representation of myself or how I see myself. This one strikes a bit of a balance between the two extremes and is fairly truthful to how I am. I also find it to be quite humourous as I pick apart my own little quirks and shortcomings while not necessarily saying that they need to be fixed.

February 14th, 2011 – Valentine’s Day
I put a surprising amount of thought and preparation into this post, making a video and writing a sonnet specifically for a holiday that I don’t care about at all. I think the end result was relatively creative compared to most of what I do, and put a fun, devious little twist on traditional romantic gifts. Also, any excuse to remind you all of my creepy teddy bear voice is a good excuse.

June 16th, 2011 – The Vancouver Riots
The title for this piece is a bit misleading as what I wrote ended up being far more accurate than I originally intended. It was a crazy day and writing out my experiences and putting them in order helped me put it all into perspective and understand what it was I saw. The riot and my recording of it was somewhat cathartic for me, and for that reason I rank it amoung one of my best and most important posts.

December 17th, 2011 – Japanese Children’s Show Segment
There are very few posts I can think of that I enjoyed researching more than this one. Watching countless videos of a disorganized group of toddlers run around, fall over, and fail to perform a simple dance gave me more delight than it probably should have. It reminded me of going to my sister’s figure skating events. All anybody cared about or wanted to see were the little kids who could barely stay upright skate from one end of the ice to the other and then back again. All of them would fall over at some point, and at least one would only make it halfway. The occasion was as joyous as it was adorable. I also greatly enjoyed writing the article and coming up with I think is colourful imagery.

I was thinking of putting this post you’re reading right now in here as one of my favourites, but I figured there was enough pretentious bullshit on this blog as it is. Instead I’ll leave you with my hopes that you’ll continue to bear with me and my ramblings in the year to come (I don’t just write all this for me you know), and that I’ll post with greater consistency (perhaps that should be my New Years resolution). Have a good one.

Bonus points to whoever links to their own favourite post of mine.

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