Monday, August 29, 2011

A Piece of PAX

I headed down to the city of Seattle,
To claim for myself a piece of PAX.
They herded us into endless lines like cattle,
With nary a moment to relax.
There was so much to see, so much to do,
And so much standing in hour-long queues.

Despite the waits, all were high in morale,
With devs presenting and fans filled with cheers,
Plus helpful enforcers and plenty of pals,
Made for an invigorating atmosphere.
Many came as their favourite characters, complete with blades,
And one came as a cross-dressing, black, male maid.

Come night we made for PC Freeplay
To satisfy our lust for friendship and fun.
In TF2 I play as Heavy to blow my foes away.
I take twisted joy in dismembering zombies with guns.
We cycle in and out, playing games into the morning hours.
By the time we leave we are completely out of power.

Day two begins with a battle of wits,
To see who has what it takes to win at Dominion.
After some ups and downs I place fifth,
Which isn’t too bad in my opinion.
One lesson I leaned and I learned it hard,
I really fucking hate the Witch card.

At this point I had a difficult choice to make:
To attend the Skyrim panel and perhaps gain some loot,
Or watch Gabe, Tycho, Wil, and Scott play a D&D game.
I went to the latter with no regrets, it was a hoot.
There were so many nerd references I couldn’t keep track.
And the jokes kept flowing in an endless attack.

On the last day I awoke early and rushed to the hall
To reserve my spot in line and be first to play Guild Wars 2.
When the doors opened I sped through the thrall
To play my asura thief at the ArenaNet booth.
With pistols in hand I brought down all in my path,
And holy shit this game kicks all sorts of ass.

The final hours of PAX were upon us like lightning.
We stormed through the expo hall snatching up all we saw.
We played demos, entered raffles, shirts and hats were flying,
And as I watch this chaos my mind gnaws
On all the swag left unclaimed,
And all the games left unplayed.

As I sit at the border upon my return
Waiting for customs in the final line,
I think back fondly on what I have earned
From that fun-filled exposition of mine.
Though now it seems a hectic dream,
I long for the peace of PAX Prima.