Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Defense of Doing Nothing

For those of you who attend SFU, last week was reading break, and while many of my friends went of vacations or ski trips, I pretty much just sat around the house for nine days doing dick all. All I really did was play video games, read and write for pleasure, and sleep in really late. I’m pretty sure the only two times I left the house were when I went out for lunch and when I saw 127 Hours. Many of my friends mocked me or chewed me out for my apparent laziness/reclusive behaviour/lack of a life in general, but I maintain that my reading break was as enjoyable and fulfilling as the next person’s. For those of you who say I hate friendship I say I spent the better part of my break horsing around with friends thanks to the magic of the internet as shown by the following equation: Skype + Left 4 Dead 2 + OMGPop + friends = good times. Also the break gave me a lot of time to catch up on some movie viewing, book reading, and blog posting. And if it wasn’t for endless hours of nothing to do, I probably never would have discovered this nice little site filled with engrossing logic puzzles to give the left side of my brain a work-out. But more important than all of that is I got to sleep in every single day. Sleep is beautiful. It’s magical even. I love sleeping in. While a large group of my friends woke up super early to have a terrible time skiing, I slept in until two in the afternoon and then woke up and watched The Birds. It was such a great day and I barely moved at all. Another advantage to being a good-for-nothing layabout is that it doesn’t cost a dime. While my friends paid 160$ to do nothing for a weekend in Harrison Hot Springs, I pretty much did the same thing (minus the massage) at my house for free. And I’m not the only one who enjoys lounging about the whole day. One of my good friends spent an entire week confined to her bed watching Lost while eating Nutella, and by all accounts it was the greatest week of her life. Also, I take immense satisfaction from telling people that I did nothing when they ask what I did over the break. It’s like I somehow won at life to just be able to do nothing for a whole week. So to those of you who feel that you have to do something in order to validate your existence and that sedentary people like me are bringing down the species, I say this: meh.

The Dude abides.

Bonus points to whoever can describe the laziest they've ever been and how they're better people because of it.


  1. If you were truly meh, you wouldn't even bother defending yourself :P You're just jealous.


  2. lol @ zach's comment
    congratz on hours on end indoors. hazzah for introverts.

    bonus points answer: i stayed home today, and watched old chinese comedy films by Stephen Chow (Stephen Chow alone makes this a day well spent)