Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Amazon Women on the Moon

So I was in Victoria this weekend (which is why I am posting late) and some friends and I were channel surfing and stumbled across this very peculiar movie. At first we thought it was going to be a terrible 1950's sci-fi flick, but then it turned out to be a comedy spoof of sci-fi, infomercials, and late-night television. It's quite the oddball film with a Monty Pythonish flair to it and it's hilarious.

There's no point in discussing the plot to this film since it doesn't have on. Amazon Women on the Moon is mostly just a series of sketches with the actual film in the title interspersed between them. It starts off rather weakly with a slapstick sketch featuring Arsenio Hall getting hurt by household appliances in various ways. But after that does it ever pick up steam. There's a day in the life of a porn star, a man who gets trapped inside his television, the Smithsonian going out of business sale, a young man attempting to buy a condom, the not-quite-so-invisible man, and of course the titular adventure on Earth's largest satellite among many others. This movie is freewheeling, completely unpredictable and delivers plenty of laughs.

Overall Amazon Women on the Moon was a pleasantly surprising find. What's more surprising is how it seems to have been forgotten without even a cult following (that I know of). A cursory glance of Rotten Tomatoes reveals that this movie is not a critical darling either. Which is not all that surprsing given the raunchiness, lack of overall cohesion, and no discenrnable moral. For me these are the things that make it so funny. Its a crazy joyride that serves no purpose other than to make you laugh and boy does it get the job done. I won't say anymore becasue its impossible to describe this film any further without sucking all the fun out of it, so go out, find it if you can, get some friends together, and have a grand ol' time.

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