Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marathon Party

So it looks like we finally have an official time, place, and trilogy for this shindig. It will be Friday May 27th starting around 2pm at my house and we’ll be watching Back to the Future. That wasn’t my first choice. In fact it was my last, but the people have spoken and now we must live with the consequences. On the subject of tragic misfortunes, Joanna will not be able to make it that day and will have to collect her prize for being BGC Champion at a later date. All of this is still subject to change should problems or conflicts arise/disappear.

On a related note, Kerry is apparently the only person in the whole club with the BTTF trilogy on DVD, but he will be late on Friday. He’s invited us to come down to the grand opening of Gamedeals (a new video game store) in Gastown this Friday (the 20th) so we can meet him and pick up the DVDs ahead of time. Sounds like it will be fun, so if you’re not busy head on down and check it out/say hi to Kerry and anyone else who happens to be there.

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