Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heroes Who Contributed to the World of Warcraft Fund

For those of you who remember the World of Warcraft fund, you'll know that this post is long overdue. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I'll fill you in. While still in high school, my friend Zach was facing a dilemma: his WoW time was about to expire and his parents had forbidden him from buying any more as they felt it interfered with his studies. But Zach didn't want to stop playing WoW, so the gears in his mind began to turn, trying to find a way to weasel himself into more WoW without his parents finding out. That was when he discovered that Blizzard had this policy where if you 'resurrect' the account of a friend who hasn't played WoW in over 6 months, then they'd give you a free month of playtime. That was when he noticed that I had quit playing WoW almost a year ago. He tried to convince me to come back to the game, but unfortunately for him I refused to pay by the month for any game, and he didn't want to shell out forty bucks just so that he could play the game for an extra month. So we arrived at a compromise: If I could raise half the money necessary to buy a game card, Zach would pay for the other half. And thus began The Zach and Tristan Playing World of Warcraft Fund. I am both proud and ashamed to say that I was successful. God is great. I told people that in exchange for donating any sum of money, I'd post their name on a website proclaiming them heroes. Here is that list in order of highest to smallest donation:

Natalie Lau - 7.27$ (Truly, Natalie is the greatest of the great.)
Alex Gibson - 4.75$
Zach Cochrane - 4.23$ (This does not include the remainder that he paid once the fund was completed.)
Taylor Laan - 3.00$
Andrew Cole - 2.57$
Radyrick Canicula - 2.31$
Jocelyn Rintoul - 1.14$
Tristan Harris - 1.10$ (Despite my best efforts, I did end up paying for some of my WoW time, if only not to seem like a complete jackass. But I would like to point out that for my 7+ months of WoW playing time, I only paid 1.10$. To put that in perspective, everybody above me on this list, contributed more to me playing WoW than I did. I am an abomination unto the Lord.)
Hayley Salo - 1.00$
Mannu Shah - 1.00$
Trevor Da Silva - 0.88$
Wez Norman - 0.61$
Mike Ledesma - 0.37$
Aurash Yazdgerdian - 0.36$ (Aurash loves his money more than Jesus loves all of us. To have him part even with this small sum is an incredible honour.)
Justin Casol - 0.35$
Chris Beavis - 0.30$
Anna Frederikson - 0.15$
Matt Sine - 0.10$
Spenser Huang - 0.08$
Simeng Sun - 0.07$
Caprice Durose - 0.04$
Sam Oh - 0.02$
Damian Craig - 0.01$ (Damian actually made money on this venture as we had a few pennies left over in the end which we gave to him.)
Kevin Rey - 0.01$ (last and least)

Total: 31.72$

Congratulations Heroes! Your names and your charity shall live on forever. God has a special place in heaven laid out for you. Bonus points to whoever can best describe their profound disappointment in me for participating in this pathetic venture.